Copyright & licensing Information

Lgurjcsit aims to serve readers' and authors' interests by publishing high-quality original works, maintaining the integrity of these works, defending authors' rights in them against plagiarism, providing a stable means of linking to them, promoting the dissemination of these works to the widest possible readership in contemporary media, and preserving access to them indefinitely despite changes in technology.

Requirement for Copyright or License:

Lgurjcsit requires authors to assign publication rights to lgurjcsit as a condition of publishing the work. Lgurjcsit relies on either an assignment of copyright with permanent rights reserved to the author, or an equivalent grant of a license.

Lgurjcsit publishing uses a process of selection, editorial refinement, production, distribution and access, promotion, indexing, interlinking, functional enhancement, user support, and preservation that requires the coordinated efforts of all participants in the knowledge chain, together with their support structures, and costs a significant amount of money.