Recovery Method for Disasters of Network Servers by Using POX controller in Software defined Networks.

  • Asis Jamal Lahore Garrison University
  • Sarah Javed Lahore Garrison University
  • Arslan Akram Lahore Garrison University
  • Shahzaib Jamal Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: LISP, Locator/ID separation Protocol, SDN, software defined network, Open Flow, load balancing and latency)


The devices we used to automation made up of electric bunch called IoT devices so the more complex task is to manage them effectively. If the devices cannot connect or share anything correctly then these devices will be considered as useless. So the diversity of these devices will be increase the chance of survival. When we talk about the disaster the main difference between networks software and hardware needed to be overcome . for this we have to control the data traffic smartly so the software defined networks make this thing possible to give more programmability because in SDN the data plane is separated from control plane. When IoT devices got disconnected because of internet lack at that time these devices have to respond quickly. So for this purpose, software defined networks used to search another path for information transfer just to get that connection back we can say SDN provides reroute based on the routing information and routing flows they have already and they also have better understanding of pathways for communication. So in this paper our main focus is on this problem that will occur because of disaster and we intend to recover server and also multiple servers from this disaster of link failure , traffic engineering , power outage and rerouting of packets. For this we proposed a systematic approach for recovering these servers from disaster by using software defined networks. The separation of control plane from data plane provides programmability and also make the system flexible for getting back the connection soon. So for this recovery from disaster we are going to use OpenFlow protocol used by SDN and we using Mininet to implementation. The controller will be POX and also we are using Lipsflow mapping for disaster management and recovery.

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Asis Jamal, Sarah Javed, Arslan Akram, & Shahzaib Jamal. (2019). Recovery Method for Disasters of Network Servers by Using POX controller in Software defined Networks. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(4), 45-52.