Parallel Data Transmission using New Line Encoding Method

  • Waqas Ahmad Lahore Garrison University
  • Awais Salman Qazi Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Line Code, Distortion, Parallel


In our research paper, we have introduced a unique and new line code method/technique that will have the capability to send two different codes in parallel or concurrently using a single line code, and this will be achieved without any major loss in the shape of the signal. In our proposed new line code, the structure of our code is based on two already well-known line codes that have been used many times in the data communication field, both of them have been combined together. We can say that our new line coding method is a hybrid encoding scheme. This line code combines the properties of already existing line code techniques. At the receiver end, we have implemented a very easy and basic separation  technique that shall help us to separate the real user codes from the added line code, and this will happen without any disturbance or major loss/distortion. There will be no effect on the signal of input data.

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Waqas Ahmad, & Awais Salman Qazi. (2019). Parallel Data Transmission using New Line Encoding Method. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(4), 39-44.