An Intelligent and Secure Communication of AIoT enabled Devices empowered with IPK Algorithm

  • Muhammad Adnan Khan Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: AIoT, D2D Communication, Encryption, Decryption, CoAP, secure communication algorithm


Artificial intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) will be a necessary part of our lives in the near future. It will be found as quick cooperation in our surroundings through the related sensor-based system. To be sure, even in an indirect method, it will serve us in a couple of structures as esteem included organizations over the cell stages. With the AIoT structures that make usage of data, actually, the data collection from contraptions can in like manner be a goal of cyberattacks. Device to Device (D-2-D) interchanges in AIoT was planned alongside various shows, for instance, Constrained Access Protocol (CoAP). Its huge stresses in the course of action of AIoT are to ensure the security of mechanisms and D-2-D one place to another. Furthermore, present correspondence shows for AIoT are
without reliability features. It is a result of this that countermeasures in perspective on encryption are starting at now getting importance. There is a requirement for a solid cryptosystem for D-2-D in AIoT. In this investigation paper, we present an encryption technique which is indicated as EPEB as a security answer for AIoT. The proposed methodology works with the message which shows special characters, numbers, and bits for data encryption and decryption. In authority, the end key isn't known so we would encryption to able have the option to gadgets data using particular keys and scramble packet per special

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Muhammad Adnan Khan. (2019). An Intelligent and Secure Communication of AIoT enabled Devices empowered with IPK Algorithm. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(4), 1-13.