Malvertising Through Cortana

  • Muhammad Arslan Tariq Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: malvertising, IT-security, Cortana, surfing, websites


In the digital World full of hackers and scammers, data security is what everyone needs the most. Hackers and scammers invent the new ways of stealing the information on daily basis. A comparatively modern concept in the World of hacking is malvertising. The major focus of this research paper is to evaluate the concept of malvertising through Cortana an artificial intelligence-based assistant introduced by Microsoft in windows 10. Sources of data are websites and other research papers. The major security breaches through malvertising are under consideration in this research paper. By evaluation, malvertising can be considered as one of the most dangerous security threats in digital World.

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Muhammad Arslan Tariq. (2019). Malvertising Through Cortana. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(1), 51-55.