Future Computing: DNA Hard Drives

  • Muhammad Zulkifl Hasan Lahore Garrison University
  • Muhammad Zunnurain Hussain Bahria University , Lahore Campus
  • Zaka Ullah Lahore Garrison University
  • Taimoor Hassan Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Molecular computing: DNA, data storage.


DNA is a hard drive, the memory in every cell of every living organism that has the instructions on how to make that cell. With the exponential growth of our media, the growth of data storage is also increasing. DNA is incredible compact due to its molecular structure and can be used to achieve data attractively through genome sequencing. A raw limit of 1 Exabyte/mm3 (109 GB/mm3) having half-life of over 500 years. With this, all the data of the world can be stored in just a small place of a room.

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Muhammad Zulkifl Hasan, Muhammad Zunnurain Hussain, Zaka Ullah, & Taimoor Hassan. (2019). Future Computing: DNA Hard Drives. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(1), 31-33. https://doi.org/10.54692/lgurjcsit.2019.030165

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