Cyberbullying in Individuals: Implications for Psychological Health

  • Sundus Munir Lahore Garrison University
  • Iqra Ashraf Lahore Garrison University
  • Abdul Waheed Lahore Garrison University
  • Afrozah Nadeem Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Cyberbullying, Adolescent, Aggressive Behaviors, Traumatically, Psyches, Services Providers


The aim of this research article and survey is to acknowledge the modern term of bullying, and develop better understanding of it by accessing all facts and causes of this problem. The effects of cyberbullying are directly proportional to effects of face to face bullying. Cyberbullying is negativity and aggressive behaviors that is often generated in a person's mind, it's traumatically effecting the psyches of adolescents and adults too. It also negatively effects the development of children, their academic performance, physical and mental health. Cyberbullying is a worldwide problem and many countries are experiencing its consequences. Cyberbullying has various impacts, and causes on one's health, so many services are provided by service providers such as physicians, nurses, parents and social workers. The objective is to educate parents, society and adults about symptoms of cyberbullying in victim as well as prevention and controlling over this problem. This paper includes consequences of cyberbullying on both victim's and bully's psyches. A survey has been conducted and its results are also included in this paper which shows the awareness rates, online bullying percentages and also other related factors that arises from cyberbullying.

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Sundus Munir, Iqra Ashraf, Abdul Waheed, & Afrozah Nadeem. (2019). Cyberbullying in Individuals: Implications for Psychological Health. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(1), 1-11.