The Work Life Challenges Faced by Women in Our Society

  • Mehreen Qamar Kinnaird College for Women University, Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: Work-life balance, quality of life, working women, personal life, professional life.


Men and women should possess same status as they are the most important pillar of any society; without their equivalent involvement in every sphere of life, no civilization can progress. As far as the abilities of women are concerned, they should not be considered any lesser than men. The women of our age are fulfilling their role as doctors, teachers, lawyers, and a number of other grounds of life but still society has not provided them the equitable position that they so rightfully deserve. The part of working women has transformed all over the world due to many socio-economic conditions. They are disregarded when it comes to making decision and are not encouraged to higher posts in offices even if they deserve to be. The natural belief that women are not capable of performing strenuous work or are less resourceful than men rules this prejudice of unsatisfactory salary packages for working on the same job. Some difficulties are certainly common, like mental and physical health, imbalance between family life and employment, unfair behavior towards women in the working place and work place perception
regarding women's character etc. Thus, accomplishing balance in working life is essential for women who are working in order to have a good quality of life. Nonetheless government authorities and parents are reassuring the females to work and play a dynamic character in the growth of the society. Although
the atmosphere and working environments are the least fortunate for those who challenge to come out of the four walls of the safe haven yet the women had to start somewhere. This article describes the effort to discover the unpleasant challenges tackled by working women in sustaining equilibrium between their
individual and professional life.

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