Secure Cloud Based IoT Data Storage

  • Nazia Shoukat Superior University


With the development of emerging technologies, the rate of security and performance of data storage problems are increasing daily and becomes basic necessity of every organizations to store and manage sensitive data in both cloud and IoT environments. Cloud computing is an advanced innovation in which individual can drive work by using several applications. It offers privilege to store data on cloud server while ensuring secrecy of cloud that become a significant problem now a days. Therefore, In the light of previous research study we aims to find various issues and challenges in existing cloud system and provide a better method to store the data in cloud. In our research, we proposed method to improve the secrecy of data storage by using AES encryption with PQC (NTRU) and SHA-512 with modern homomorphic (FHE) cryptographic algorithms. Furthermore, by employing this hybrid technique the performance of cloud storage can be enhance by ensuring the confidentiality and integrity. Furthermore, our proposed method has high performance, throughput and resistance against various attacks to store the large amount of data in cloud.

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Nazia Shoukat. (2023). Secure Cloud Based IoT Data Storage. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 7(3).