On The Use of Cloud Computing in Educational Institutions – A Survey

  • Namrah Khurram SEECS-NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan
Keywords: cloud computing in education, developing countries education, Pakistan education sector, cloud storage, remote learning


Pakistan has the potential of producing intellectual individuals that help in contributing for the better of the world through their knowledge and skills. There can be many opportunities created and built for the education sector through the introduction of advanced technologies for educational purposes. Hence, there is a rapid need for the adoption of cloud-based learning environment in the institutions in Pakistan for a better learning and a better tomorrow. This paper presents a survey of some of the universities in the metropolitan cities of the country and discusses the approach and environment that has been established in those institutions for learning purposes. A survey was carried out, it was then analyzed, the current situation was observed and conclusions for a better learning environment were then discussed. The survey and analysis of was carried out to see how education at school level is delivered and how it is done at university level which would help in creating a stronger base at primary and intermediate levels. It is expected that this study will help future research work when looking into the cloud based learning environments in the educational institutions of Pakistan and ways in which it can be improved and taken to a higher level.

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Namrah Khurram. (2017). On The Use of Cloud Computing in Educational Institutions – A Survey. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 1(2), 79-94. https://doi.org/10.54692/lgurjcsit.2017.010230