Algorithm and Technique for Animation

  • Beenish Zahra Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: fluid, SiViFlow, video, riverbed


Fluids simulation particularly water courses such as rivers
are an important element to achieve realistic simulations in real-time
applications like video games. This work presents a new approach called
SiViFlow that simulates watercourses in real-time. The algorithm is
flexible enough to be used in any type of environment and allows a river
to be dynamically generated given any riverbed. The component that
manages the flow is responsible for the water animation and allows the
use of various techniques to simulate visual features. As all the
information is dynamically generated, SiViFlow also reacts to dynamic
objects that come in contact with the river, properly adjusting the course
of the flow. This work helps accelerate and improve the methods of
creating realistic rivers so that they can be used in video games.

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Beenish Zahra. (2017). Algorithm and Technique for Animation. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 1(1), 22-36.