Development of an efficient Computational Model for classification of Tissue remodeling

  • Zarsha Nazim
  • Sajid Mahmood University of Management and Technology
  • Kiran Amjad University of Management and Technology


Tissue remodeling is one of the most important and crucial biological process. Process in which tissue reorganization and renovation takes place is called tissue remodeling. Mean of recovery in human beings is tissue remodeling in which damaged tissue are replaced completely with new tissue or through tissue repairmen types physiological and pathological tissue remodeling are two derivatives of Tissue remodeling. Normal Tissue remodeling is referred to as Physiological tissue remodeling, however abnormal process which may lead to a disease is known as pathological tissue remodeling.

From past till now different techniques like histopathology and chemicals were being used to identify abnormality in tissues. Which is a time taking and costly processes. There is no such computational method which can be used for the identification of the physiological and pathological tissue remodeling. The current article aims to develop a classification model which has ability to classify weather the given sequence is physiological or pathological process. Three classifiers RF, ANN and SVM will be used for practice and evaluation of proposed classification model.

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Nazim, Z., Dr.Sajid Mahmood, & Kiran Amjad. (2022). Development of an efficient Computational Model for classification of Tissue remodeling. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 6(2), 14-26.