Infrastructure of DNS/DNSSEC

  • Zaka Ullah Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: DNS, Server, Clients, vulnerabilities


DNS Security Extension is introduced as a solution after the in-depth study of all expected issues regarding security of Domain Name System. Accordingly, DNS is domain name service provider via name server but it fails to facilitate the support for authenticity of data origin and integrity. In addition, DNS satirizing give stage to digital assaults, and can be used to watch client's exercises, for control, for conveyance of pernicious programming and to offend client's PC and even to subvert rightness and accessibility of internet systems and administrations. Therefore, it is fundamental to attract DNS framework to defeat security concerns, and to make cautious arrangement that should adapt to assaults through off way foes. So, we have broken down security of area enlistment centers and name server completely and we deal with vulnerabilities, which should open DNS foundation to store harming. In this paper, we gave the DNSSEC structure and showed how it is secure using DNSSEC.

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Zaka Ullah. (2017). Infrastructure of DNS/DNSSEC. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 1(3), 58-66.

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