ARCPS - Anti-Redundant Cloud & Public Storage Moving towards Intelligent Cloud

  • Umair Waqas Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Cloud infrastructure, STaaS, Storage space, DBpedia, WordNet


Clouds are the future and powerful source in almost every aspect of computing. They offer many services running to facilitate users at same time. Cloud infrastructure is made up with a number of resourceful systems connected each other and to the internet. This paper is about (STaaS) Storage as a service but we are looking as a cloud storage provider, how to improve user experience and cloud storage efficiency by de-duplication of data. Cloud storage is unlimited but practically everything has a limit, so storage is also limited but the data storage demand is increasing with every next day. Everyone wants reliable and secure storage to store all of his data. Storage space is a need for everyone, and it’s mostly beneficial to those people who want a shared space or they want to share data online with others with minimal efforts. So, this paper describes a technique in which cloud providers can save a lot of storage space by eradicating duplication and this will be an automatic and runtime process. By monitoring and analyzing the semantics of data through different channels like DBpedia, WordNet etc. Data will be categorized accordingly and among these categories, checking of duplication performed and removed if found. Different file formats can have different techniques for processing. We are mainly focusing on the public cloud.

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Umair Waqas. (2017). ARCPS - Anti-Redundant Cloud & Public Storage Moving towards Intelligent Cloud. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 1(3), 26-36.