Applications of Internet of Vehicle(IoV): A Survey

  • Irshad Ahmed Sumra 1Department of Computer Science,University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: Internet of Vehicle (IoV), Vehicular Sensor Network (VSN), Sensor, Network Model.


Due to the fast advancement in the field of communication and computation technology, the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) attracts most of the researchers to contribute in this area of research. In the recent research on the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technology, IoV becomes one of the major active and famous research areas in the technology of networks, especially in transportation. It provides an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)and it resolves traffic and driving problems by using advanced communication and information technology. Inthe implementation of IoV, the different actuators, sensors, personal gadgets are required so that the vehicles communicate with each other. In this paper, it will provide the comprehensive survey on applications of IoV and also discuss in detail IoVnetwork model, the required technologies for the creation of IoV, the various applications which are based on existing technologies and the features of research in IoV area and Vehicular Sensor Network (VSN's) based effective and security-oriented applications. The key objective of these applications is to reduce fuel consumption and furthermore to provide a supportin saving the life of drivers andpedestrians.

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Irshad Ahmed Sumra. (2020). Applications of Internet of Vehicle(IoV): A Survey. Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 4(2), 59-70.