• Beenish Zahra Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: FOT, FOL, CYC, AI, LISP


Since 1984, it is enormous work going on for the accomplishing of the project Cyc (‗Saik‘). This work is based on knowledge of ―Artificial Intelligence‖ which is developed by the Cycorpcompany and by Douglas Lenat at MCC. It‘s a Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) part for so long. The dominant aim of Cycorp to develop this system is to just clarify anything in semantical determination rather than syntactically determination of words commands by the machine in which Cyc is installed to do some job. The other objective was in the building of Cyc is to codify, in a form which is usable by the machine, where knowledge‘s millions piece that composes common sense of a normal human or the common sense made in the human brain. Cyc presents a proprietary schema of knowledge representation that utilized first-order relationships. The relationships that presents between first-order logic (FOL) and first-order theory (FOT). After a long time, in1986, Cyc’s  developer (Douglas Lenat) estimate that the total effort required to complete Cyc project would be 250,000 rules and 350 man-years. In 1994, Cyc Project was the reason behind creating independency into Cycorp, in Austin, Texas. As it is a common phrase that "Every tree is a plant" and "Plants die eventually" so that why by the mean of this some knowledge representing pieces which are in the database are like trees and plants like structures. The engine is known as an inference engine, able to draw the obvious results and answer the questions correctly on asking that whether trees die. The Knowledge Base (KB) system, which is included in Cyc, contains more than one million humans like assertions, rules or commonsense ideas. These ideas, rules, and human-defined assertions are describing or formatted in the language known as CycL. They are based on the predication of calculus and many other
human-based sciences, which has syntax similar to that of the language ―LISP‖. Though some extend the work on the Cyc project continues as a ―Knowledge Engineering‖, which represents some facts about the world, and implementing effective mechanisms which are derived after reaching the basic level conclusion on that knowledge. As Cyc include the firstorder logic and first order theory, which exist in some relationship; so it definitely uses and handle some other branches for human-interaction like mathematics, philosophy, and linguistics. However, increasingly, the other aim of Cycorp while developing Cyc is involving
an ability, which is given to the Cyc system that it can communicate with end users, by use of CycL, processing of natural language, and can assist with the knowledge formation process through the machine learning.

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