Peer-review policy of LGURJCSIT

LGURJCSIT maintains the highest standards of peer review to strengthen the process flow. All manuscripts published in our journal undergo dual blind peer review, the main points of which are listed below:

  • All research articles are subjective to review process by at least two relevant experts in a similar domain.
  • The acceptance decision of any paper will be based on the LGURJCSIT Editors-in-Chief based on the reviews provided.
  • Editorial Assistants provide the administrative support that allows LGURJCSIT to maintain the integrity of peer review and increases the efficiency of the process flow.
  • LGURJCSIT strictly follows the peer review process agreed upon by the editorial board.

The LGURJCSIT is an innovative forum for researchers, scientists, and engineers in all the domains of computer science and technology to publish high quality, peer-reviewed papers. The journal offers articles, survey, and review from experts in the field, enhancing insight and understanding of the current trends and state of the art technology.

Scope of the journal includes algorithm and computational complexity, distributed and grid computing, computer architecture and high performance, data communication and networks, pattern recognition and image processing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, VHDL along with emerging domains like quantum computing, IoT, data sciences, cognitive sciences, and Vehicular Automation. Coverage is not limited to the listed areas. The journal aims to provide an academic medium for emerging research trends in the general domain of computer science and technology.