Using Data Mining Technique to Measure the Impact of COVID-19 1st Wave on the Stock Market of Top Fifteen Affected Countries

  • Zubair Akbar Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Air University Multan Campus, Islamabad, Pakistan
Keywords: Covid-19; Pace of Surge; Economic Impact; Stock Market Indices, Economic Facets.


The pandemic of Covid-19 which started in the year 2019 did not just cause an effect on the living of millions of people but in the economic and social sectors of every part of the world as well. It is a challenging task to determine the interrelation between COVID-19 cases concerning the economy in the top affected countries. This paper explores; how severe Impact of COVID-19 1st wave on the economic facets of Pakistan as compared to the Top Fifteen affected countries. Moreover, this paper uses COVID-19 well-known dataset provided by John Hopkins and Stock Market Datasets collectively to carry out the critical analysis successfully. We found a relationship between the cumulative numbers of confirmed cases in each country with a declining state of countries' economies: the higher decline in the stock market indicates a higher number of confirmed cases