A Novel Model for Explainable Hostel Recommender System Using Hybrid Filtering

  • Shahzad Ahmad Qureshi Department of Computer Science, Virtual University Pakistan
Keywords: Hybrid Recommender System, Multi-Criteria Ratings, Dynamic Feature Selection, Explainable Hostel Recommendations, Switching and Feature Combination.


Recommender systems help humans in filtering and finding the right information from the enormous amount of data. Hostels are more famous than hotels for solo travelers, but no prior research related to recommender systems has been conducted in this domain. Hostels allow users to provide multi-criteria ratings and traditional recommender systems are not able to provide effective recommendations in case of multi-dimensionality i.e. contextual information and multi-criteria ratings. So, we have proposed a novel hybrid recommender system (SAFCHERS) that chooses the hostel’s features for computation dynamically and provides explainable and better recommendations than the traditional recommender systems.